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Alpha Covenant Heritage School ...partnering with parents to raise the total child

About Us

ACHS is an inclusive school that welcomes all children and their needs. We aim to provide quality and affordable education to Nigerian children to help them achieve their social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. We offer a highly inclusive environment where learners enjoy their learning. Our environment is stimulating and enables children to have fun while learning.


Pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potentials. Those who are most able are challenged, encouraged to expand, and deepen their skills and knowledge through varied curriculum opportunities. Those who find learning more difficult are identified and encouraged to embed skills and develop at their own pace while learning in a style that best suits their individual needs. This approach provides pupils' opportunities to build resilience and learn without limits. ACHS never puts a ceiling on learning. All are encouraged to show their resilience, ambition, and confidence by pushing boundaries.


ACHS focuses on curriculum development; our curriculum is always carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression and develop a range of transferable skills. Our curriculum's primary focus is to raise aspirations, engender a sense of personal pride in achievement, provide a purpose and relevance for learning, and ultimately help every pupil to find strengths and interests. To enable this, the school invests in the curriculum, by appointing middle leaders to lead curriculum focused areas. Financially, we are continually investing in resources and experiences, ensuring that school development focuses on curriculum development.

The school has implemented a rich curriculum, which enables pupils to achieve by:

  • Ensuring there are clear learning outcomes for all subjects allowing for progression, challenge, and reinforcement of key knowledge and skills.
  • Ensuring that English and Mathematical skills have application opportunities across the curriculum and that cross-curricular links are authentic, deepen or extend learning and enrich understanding. Connections are not made if they are superficial.
  • Ensuring staffing has maximum impact on good progress and learning alongside a commitment to the school's vision and values.
  • Inspiring pupils to want to learn more and enjoy learning through the development of cultural and enrichment activities and creative outcomes relevant to the pupils.
  • We teach and engage them in the learning process.
  • We are promoting effective learning habits, including perseverance, teamwork, creativity, empathy, and reflectiveness.


This is fully implemented whilst ensuring that all learning opportunities are underpinned by the school's Core Nurture Principles and Values. The school's clear intent is well established, embedded, and all stakeholders in the school are aware of what drives the curriculum and school experience. The school's intention is implemented through a focused School Development Plan, and impact is measured using the parameters set out within this.
At ACHS, we take partnership with parents seriously by encouraging parents to be part of their children's developmental journey into greatness, and our environment is stimulating and enables children to have fun while learning.