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About Our College

Here in Alpha Covenant Heritage College, we adopt the child-centeredness approach. Every child is taken as an individual. Our teaching and learning policy emphasizes the importance of exciting, relevant and challenging lessons to prepare our young learners for life. We offer both Day and Boarding School for boys and girls. Our stand-out features are:

  • Excellent level of pastoral care
  • High level of commitment to nurturing a child’s overt and covert talents and aspirations
  • We offer support to our students to become self-disciplined, well-rounded citizens by instilling confidence in them to fulfil their life aspirations.


Alpha Covenant Heritage College offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum of Nigeria and British. Our inspiring and innovative teaching staff at Alpha Covenant Heritage School reflects the national and international standard of the school. All our teachers are highly qualified and have excellent knowledge of the Nigerian and British education system.


Alpha Covenant Heritage College admits students from age 10 by September. All prospective students applying to our college would be required to take an entrance examination which will be followed by a formal interview involving the students and both parents. The entrance test and the interview form a part of the overall assessment. Admission to Alpha Covenant Heritage College is at the school’s discretion and the school’s decision is final.

Step 1: Apply

Obtain and complete this application form and return it with the required documents to our school Admin office. All copies of the original documents must be provided in English or translated into English and certified as true copies of the originals by an authorized person in the country concerned. At the time of submitting this application, you are required to provide:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Bio-Data page of international passport.
  • Reference letter from the former school proprietress/principal.
  • Two recent passport photographs.
  • Receipt of payment of Application form.

Step2: Application Assessment

Application received by Alpha Covenant Heritage College, are assessed to determine the student’s suitability for entry into Alpha Covenant Heritage College. Please ensure your application is signed and includes all the required supporting documentation. Application assessment cannot commence until all required documents are received.

Step3: Test Schedule

Ratified and fully assessed applicant will be given a date for the college Entrance Examination will be invited for an interview with both parents.

Step4: Interview

Successful applicants at the college entrance examination will be invited for an interview with both parents.

Step5: Letter of offer and payment teller

Successful applicants will receive a letter of offer of admission and payment teller.

Step6: Acceptance and Payment

A signed/acknowledged acceptance letter with prove of payment is prerequisite to gaining Studentship admission into Alpha Covenant Heritage College. Community Spirit

Alpha Covenant Heritage is a CIE sub-centre and a corporate member of the British Council, which provides excellent resources and facilities for staff and student development. Our parent forum and PTA is well established with active participation with school management during school events and social activities.

At Alpha Covenant Heritage College, we have a ‘student council’ within the school as this helps to promote good citizenship, democracy and responsible decision formulation. In order to develop our students’ social skill and responsibilities, Alpha Covenant Heritage College works in conjunction with local and international organizations amongst is the Red Cross organization. Subjects Taught at Alpha Covenant Heritage College include

    1.English Language
    2.Business Studies
    4. Basic-Technology
    5. Agricultural Science
    6. Biology
    7. Chemistry
    8. Physics
    1. History
    2. Geography
    3. French
    4. Religious Education
    1. Music
    2. Physical Education
    3. Social-Studies & Civic Education
    4. PSHE
    5. Yoruba
    1. Art
    2. Home-Economics
    3.Literature-in- English