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Primary School

Each class has its own dedicated teachers with teacher assistants. The teacher-pupil ratio is 1:20. Our system is uniquely organized which in turn foster the development of self-discipline through the application of our core values: Godliness, Respect, Oneness, Warmth and Smartness. We believe in focusing on positive management of behaviours rather than the negative. Though we believe in celebrating success and rewarding pupils with emphasis on good morals and academic excellence, we have a strong behaviour policy.


Alpha Covenant Heritage Primary School offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National and British Curricular. All our teachers are highly qualified and have an excellent knowledge of the Nigerian and British education system.


Children from 5+ years as at September will be admitted into our Primary School with class distribution correspondent to the age requirement for each class as well as performance in the entrance examination.Download Our Admission Form Co-Curricular Activities To enrich our pupils with proper psychomotor education and to develop team spirit, fitness and friendships, sports day is strongly encouraged and taking seriously at Alpha Covenant Heritage Primary School.

Synergy with Pupils and Parents

At Alpha Covenant Heritage Primary School, we have a consistent tradition of working effectively with our most precious pupils and not forgetting the importance of our partnership with our most esteemed parents in this collaboration. We devote a close monitoring of each child’s progress through teachers’ observation and regular consultation with parents.


Alpha Covenant Heritage Primary School is classified into six classes: Years 1-6.

  • Year 1- Onyx.
  • Year 2- Jasper.
  • Year 3- Jacinth.
  • Year 4- Platinum.
  • Year 5- Crystal.
  • Year 6- Ruby.


  • English Language.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Social Studies.
  • History.
  • Geography.
  • ICT.
  • French.
  • A Nigerian Language (Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo).
  • Christian Religious Studies (CRS) or Islamic Religious Studies (IRS).
  • Personal.
  • Social and Health Education.
  • Art.
  • Music.